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In 1970’s,  Barangay Pili was still a Sitio of Barangay Lumambayan. A year later, with the initiative of certain Mario Mangaring, all his efforts was done for purpose of making and applying sitio Pili to be a barangay. After passing all the requirements and criteria for a barangay hood, Sitio Pili then became a legal Barangay of Pinamalayan. After a yeat, Dec. 12, 1971 election of Barangay council was conducted. Successfully Mario Mangaring garnered a higher votes and then became the first Barangay Captain of barangay Pili. He oath his office in Dec. 13, 1971 having no honoraria or salary. Thru his initiative, many programs was conducted, such 4th club for the youth, green revolutions for all families and the coming of ORMECO service was done during his term. He also initiated the construction of Pili Elementary School Building. On March 1977 the First Elementary Graduation took place. Mr. & Mrs. Was also initiated of Ms. Moore and all Barangay Council.

After Barangay Captain Mario Mangaring’s term of office, he was followed by Barangay Captain Efipanio Maupay Sr., a year before finishing his 1st term as Barangay Captain, he runs for Municipal Council. He successfully won. Since Paulino Delos Santos was the number one in rank among Barangay Council, so he then became the O.I.C. of the Barangay thru “by law of succession”. During his term, some improvement was done. After a year, he ran again, he lost against Amolfo Camacho, who later resigned as Barangay Chairman and Corazon Cueto became the O.I.C. thru succession. During her term the construction of Barangay Hall started.

On 1994, PaulinoDelos Santos ran again with O.I.C. Corazon Cueto as his appointment, and successfully, Corazon Cueto won by majority votes. During the 1997 Barangay Election, Efipanio Maupay Sr. won over, Boy Ozar and Corazon Cueto and won again in 2002. During his term many improvement and projects implemented, construction of Elementary School in Upper Bongol, concreting of roads, construction of Landmark in Sitio Aplaya and construction of Pili National High School. Before the end of the term of Barangay Captain Efipanio Maupay Sr. almost 70% of the road was constructed.

On Oct. 25, 2010 election, a new Barangay Captain was elected. He was Barangay Captain Napoleon M. Mangaring. In his first 100 days he conducted a Sitio by Sitio meeting thru his council. He also re-activate the barangay Market. They also gave full support to the celebration of 39th Founding Anniversary with a lot of contest with big prizes. At last the most requested roadway from Pili to Banilad was concreted after 3 months and lot of program was still on-going.


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